SCANDICA, guided by the principle of compliance with legal, social and other regulations, applicable in our business, strives to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.


Bring freshness, youth and passion into the organization of transport. Show that with a little effort, willingness and commitment you can achieve success by setting new work standards in the forwarding industry.


Organizing transport – organize life, with every kilometer bringing closer the implementation of human plans and intentions. Remaining indifferent to the needs and problems of others – to identify market success not with increased consumption, but with increasing opportunities – self-fulfillment, development, help to others.


Carrying out our intentions and meeting the expectations of our partners, build mutual loyalty and recognition.
Apply an individual approach and anonymity to each partner.
Guarantee honesty and full information at all stages of cooperation.
Provide employees with job security and a friendly workplace enabling them to achieve professional and personal aspirations. Take care of the employees’ qualifications. Appreciate their progress, achievements and guarantee participation in the company’s success.
We constantly develop, examine customer expectations and satisfaction, customize our offer and satisfy their actual needs.
Plan transport with passion and imagination, reacting to changes in the transport market. We constantly strive to improve delivery on time. Serve professional advice. Strive to strengthen the market position and achieve a decisive advantage over the competition.
SCANDICA wants to set pro-ecological standards in courier services by implementing green policy inside the organization, undertaking activities to prevent pollution, as well as raising the awareness of employees and subcontractors in this area.

We declare continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management system, compliance with the law in this area and raising the awareness and commitment of employees in each of these areas.


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