We will remain faithful to the values we were guided by when establishing SCANDICA. We believe that the success of our company depends to a large extent on them. They determine who we are, how we behave towards each other, customers, carriers and others.

Credibility and stability

We are aware of the importance of stability and credibility in business. Building business relations requires certainty in the qualitative and financial dimension. We are a leader in the timely implementation of our financial obligations, being an example for other forwarding companies. We keep our promises, we know the value of a word. We communicate openly believing that respect and trust is the foundation of a good business. We do what we say responsibly and do it on time to which we commit.


Responsibility and commitment

We are responsible for the words we say and for the tasks we undertake. We do not stand aside when we have to take responsibility for the weaker in need. The goals we set for ourselves and the tasks we undertake are part of our lives. Overcoming difficulties strengthens us, builds our experience, teaches us independence and resourcefulness.
Independence and care for the environment


Independence and care for the environment

We understand the concept of freedom well. We work with the conviction that in doing the right things it is worth demonstrating the strength of character, even if it is difficult and unpopular. We will not undertake transport that is not legal. We do not cooperate with companies that break the law.


Dynamism and development

Speed and flexibility is our domain. We always try to respond in advance eliminating the potential risk. We focus on flexibility, both in building our offer and in our readiness to make the right decisions in unforeseen situations. We are proud to look at what’s behind us and with even greater interest and passion for what’s ahead of us. We invest in development so that the future brings only market opportunities. We are always fully ready for new challenges, because they add us wings. We make sure that the best employees get to the company, which we provide access to modern technologies, IT systems and development as part of internal and external training.


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