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SCANDICA is an authorized subcontractor of the largest courier company in the FedEx world. Thanks to cooperation with FedEx, we have access to fleets of over 700 aircraft flying on regular lines in the world and we have become a participant in the largest courier network in the world. Our task is to handle FedEx courier shipments in north-eastern Poland and in the Lublin and Kielce districts.

If you want to send an international package, please contact us by phone

 +48 (85) 676 14 14

ATTENTION ! We do not inform you about the status of the shipment or the location of the courier. information can be obtained after the helpline number
0801 002 800.


For calls from a mobile phone
+48 (22) 211 80 00


or on the website

You use our experience in providing effective solutions for complex global supply chains.

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You use every innovation, regardless of whether it is road or air transport solutions.


At Scandica, you'll find a team of exceptional support to leverage our experience to solutions that support your business.


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